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Sorted by NameName ADCA# Sire Dam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner
Bernath's Breeze 023881 SGF SANT Declan Bernath's Princess C Dun 04/01/2010 Chuck & Rosemary Bernath Chuck & Rosemary Bernath
Bethel Farms Autumn Breeze 037757 Shiloh Hills Little Fire Topaz Whitlock Zinnia C Black 10/18/2015 Jeff & Tara Ford Jeff & Tara Ford
Photo Available Cascade's Breeze 018160 Belle Fourche Frasier Thomas' RY Red Labeau C Red 07/03/2006 Kirk & Jason Fackrell & Paulson Michael G Myles
Chesson's Summer Breeze 033576 Pinewood of Fan-C Fan-C-Pumpkins Jewel C Black 08/01/2011 Julie Chesson Archie & Donna Guillory
Dusty Booom's Breeze 020248 Wieringa's Niles EH T-APL Abbie C Black 06/23/2007 Larry/Susie Neiderheide Bret Eckert
Fan-C-Red Breeze 017221 BTF Little Bit o Snow Wendy's BLZ Red Jewel C Red 12/26/2005 Maureen McCready Walt Hite
FB Daisy Derby O Breeze 044372 Moosters Astaire HC ARD Patti O Breeze C Black 02/17/2018 Todd & Aletha Bigham Todd & Aletha Bigham
Photo Available FF Red Breeze 019973 FF Freedom's Patriot RFF Red Mariah II C Red 02/20/2008 Freedom Farms LLC James & Charlene Selby
Photo Available FF Summer Breeze 034982 FF Freedom's Valor FF Sweet Summertime C Red 06/29/2014 Freedom Farms LLC Mitch McCarter
FVF Texas Breeze 025153 Hillview Red Wing Legend Red Nugget C Red 01/06/2011 Roland/Caryn Laliberte Norm Mary Makenna Hoover
Grateful Autumn Breeze 049352 Kirkhaven My Cabernet Kirkhaven Dawn's Light C Black 10/08/2017 Neal and Lori Weegens Neal and Lori Weegens
Haze Breeze 5223 Lucifer of Knotting Emerald Grace C Black 02/09/1992 Richard Henry Richard Henry
HC ARD Patti O Breeze 040464 Aislinn's Red Darby FVF Texas Breeze C Red 03/17/2016 Norm Mary Makenna Hoover Todd & Aletha Bigham
Kirkhaven Lilac Breezes 041204 Kirkhaven Judah Jubilee Kirkhaven Lavender Posies C Dun 03/19/2017 Haden & Lesa Reid Haden & Lesa Reid
Lazy A$$ Summer Breeze 050216 GPF General Jackson Stone Meadow Shirley C Dun 03/12/2021 Gene Brockhaus Lazy Days Farm
Moosters Crimson Breeze 045040 Moosters Red Rover HC ARBA Gale C Red 09/11/2018 Chris & Vicki Jones Brian Gorman
Nonesuch Autumn Breeze 039220 Euchee Creek's Red Hank Nonesuch Alanna C Red 10/31/2015 Melissa Parker Danny Lemley
Pleasant Breeze's Eleanor 034023 Bollingbrooks Mac O'Malley B Brody C Dun 11/11/2013 Brett Corle Dayle Gallagher
Pleasant Breeze's Minerva 042371 Cabin Creek's Jim Cantori FF Coco Puff C Dun 12/12/2016 Brett Corle Brett Corle
Pleasant Breeze's Ms. Tury 034022 Bollingbrooks Mac O'Malley FF Coco Puff C Dun 11/06/2013 Brett Corle Dayle Gallagher
Pleasant Breeze's Sweetie Pie 042372 Cabin Creek's Jim Cantori B Brody C Dun 04/12/2017 Brett Corle Timothy Ghormley
Prairie Wind Breeze 10183 Wee Gaelic Mr. O'Toole Prairie Butte Bess C Black 06/05/1999 Myra Pier Trek Thompson
RRRanch Cool Breeze 041518 Moorland Fen Duke PF Glennland Babeth C Red 03/16/2017 Dale & Michele Woolford Glenn Dortman
SBR Call Me The Breeze 049193 FF Freedom's Garrett Full Circle Daisy C Red 11/16/2020 Daniel & Jill Gurley Daniel & Jill Gurley
Shamrock Breeze 036060 SGF LCIN Loki Shamrock Red Veronica C Red 05/09/2014 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Kane Bercaw

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