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Where does the data come from?
The data in the on-line pedigree search system is taken directly from the database that the Registrar uses. The on-line data is updated from the master database periodically.

What if I notice a mistake in my animal's data?
If there's a mistake in the data, inform the Registrar by sending an email to Be sure to specify your animal's registration number in your message. The Registrar will change the master database, and the on-line database will be corrected the next time it is updated.

How do I get data added to the database?
If you want to add data (for example, missing animals to fill out your animal's pedigree), send the relevant information to the Registrar. Information like this requires supporting documentation.

Why do some animals have pictures?
The pedigree search system can display pictures of the animals in the database, but the pictures do not come from the database. The animal owner must provide them to the web site administrator, Ray Delaney, who can add them to the site.

Photos should be emailed to the web administrator, in JPEG, GIF, or BMP format. If you click on the sample image on the right, it will show you the appropriate size and shape. The actual size of the image should be 360 pixels wide x 240 pixels high. You can also email the picture to the ADCA web department and they will size your picture for you. This is a Free service to our members.

Each pedigreed animal can have up to three photos displayed, one main pedigree profile photo which will be displayed at (360x240), the other two smaller photos which are optional, are to be used to highlight an animals unique markings or attributes, such as horned, polled, scrotal, udders etc. If these photo's are provided, they will be displayed below the main photo in a smaller frame size (174x116). Please indicate to the web admin, which photo is to be the main one.

Can I sort the search results by something other than the animal name?
Yes. Each column heading in the search result is actually a link. If you click on a column heading, the search results will be redisplayed, sorted by that column. If you are several pages down in a multi-page result, the display starts over with page one. The Sort Indicator symbol indicates which column the report is currently sorted by.

When I sort by Owner or Breeder, why are the names in alphabetical order by first name?
The names are in the database in a first-name/last-name arrangement, and thus that is how they are sorted. When you sort by Owner or Breeder, all the animals of a particular Owner or Breeder will still appear together, as expected.

Why do some animals not show up when I search by Owner?
When searching by owner, the pedigree system only lists those animals that are still alive. Deceased animals do not show up.

What does the Progeny column mean on the Progeny report?
The Progeny column in each row of the Progeny report shows the number of Progeny of the animal in that row. If you click on the number, you will get a Progeny report for that animal.

The online pedigree is updated daily by 10:00pm

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