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12 Animals By Sylvan Ebony
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Parndon Decoy EF8045 Parndon Rice Pudding C Red or Dun 01/01/1800 1
St Arvans Gypsy 3rd EF8488 Rock Gypsy C Black 01/01/1800 1
Vycanny Glencally Reiver EM2008 Vycanny Conksons Glencally B Black 01/01/1800 3
Parndon Delight EF8027 Parndon Medlar C Black 02/15/1964 1
Parndon Duchess 1360 Parndon Musley C Black 05/10/1964 W.R. Thrower 2
Photo Available Parndon Daffodil 1359 Bank Owl of Parndon C Black 05/16/1964 W.R. Thrower W.R. Thrower 3
Parndon Dragon EM1968 Parndon Rice Pudding B Black 03/25/1966 2
Parndon Dorcas EF8359 Hastingwood Alice C Black 04/28/1967 1
Badby Sylvan Muffin EF8431 C Black 03/15/1968 1
Runnymede Bantam EM1999 Summerdale Blossom 3rd B Black 04/11/1968 5
Broadhill James EM2015 Prospect Campanula B Black 12/30/1969 2
Photo Available Sarum Bullrush EM2032 Summerdale Bracken B Black 09/18/1972 6

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