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41 Animals By Cornahir Outlaw
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Briarwood Blaze O'Glory 10329 Briarwood Russet Glory B Red 07/21/1995 Betty Harmsworth Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas 107
Riverhill Law's Locket 8125 Riverhill Saturn's Halley C Black 03/23/1996 Cathy Nelson Cathy Nelson 1
Hillside Holly 8350 Hillside Emilia C Black 04/20/1996 Allyn/Rita Nelson Allyn/Rita Nelson 8
Jupiter of Green Valley 8232 Hiyu Woodlark B Black 05/06/1996 R.S. Springer R.S. Springer 7
Photo Available Shanidar Dynasty C1391 Shanidar Yelden B Black 06/11/1996 Paul Taylor Paul Taylor 1
Sweet Corn of Del R 8326 Sweet Pea II C Black 08/07/1996 Jeffrey Mendelsohn
Buster II 9373 Irish Bell B Black 08/17/1996 Dorothy Conway Dorothy Conway
Heritage Performer Rudolph C1838 Lane End Lucifer's Wisdom B Red 12/21/1996 3
7XL Outlaw Feather 8773 7XL Floating Feather C Black 03/07/1997 Ileta Walgamuth Andy Smith
Hiyu Irish Rimrock V 8835 Hiyu Rosegay B Black 04/21/1997 Carol Davidson Richard Madril 15
Photo Available Llanfair's Mulligan 8932 Llanfair's Rosalee B Red 05/06/1997 Frederick D. Chesterley John Potter 72
Dobbin Creek Ben 9377 Ledge Hill Black Star B Black 05/25/1997 David Andree George Ekman 5
Hiyu Irish Reiver VI 9134 Bedford Moss Rose B Black 07/12/1997 Carol Davidson Bill Stewart 10
Earlona Genesis C1563 Earlona Elsie Par-Ian B Red 07/24/1997 Winona Crapp Winona Crapp 6
Photo Available Llanfair's Fiona 8931 Llanfair's Poly C Black 09/07/1997 Frederick D. Chesterley John Potter 9
Hillview Norman Outlaw 9021 Belle Fourche Buttercup B Black 09/20/1997 Evelyn Anderson Nikki Kemp 13
7XL Cornahir's Bit 9426 Anton's Lit'l Bit B Black 02/27/1998 Ileta Walgamuth Andy Smith 4
Photo Available Llanfair's Aldebaran 9712 Llanfair's Rosalee B Red 04/23/1998 Frederick D. Chesterley Anthony Bauer 47
RFF Exposition 9652 RFF Mistletoe B Red 04/25/1998 Gary Williams John Hinkley 36
Dobbin Creek Cassie 10307 Twainland Eta C Black 05/06/1998 David Andree David Andree
4D Acres Deardriu 11286 C Red 05/08/1998 Jim Dawkins W.C. Kadatz 1
RFF Cleo 9653 RFF Lunaria C Black 07/06/1998 Gary Williams Gary Williams 4
Llanfair's Bohus 10179 Llanfair's Poly B Black 09/01/1998 Frederick D. Chesterley Rodney Willey
Llanfair's Coralee 10372 Llanfair's Rosalee C Red 03/29/1999 Frederick D. Chesterley Jan Hilton 1
4D Acres Griffith 11287 B Red 04/18/1999 Jim Dawkins Arland Pittman 3

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