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66 Animals By Saltaire Platinum (2708)
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Llanfair's Pol Emlen 6607 Poteen O'Mini Speas C Black 04/30/1994 Frederick D. Chesterley
Hiyu Dana 7225 Lena of Myers Farm C Black 05/11/1994 Carol Davidson Ross Cursons 5
Photo Available Llanfair's Polgaron 6608 Wee Gaelic Ms. Fermoy B Black 05/18/1994 Frederick D. Chesterley Wes Patton 119
Llanfair's Pril 6999 April Lark of Columbine C Black 09/02/1994 Andy Smith 1
Llanfair's Spur SP 7262 Llanfair's Larkspur B Black 09/27/1994 Steve Langer 2
Llanfair's Poly 6998 Llanfair's Oct. Morn C Black 10/11/1994 Eric Chesterley 5
Llanfair's Chester SP 7261 Llanfair's Nicole B Black 10/14/1994 Steve Langer 2
Llanfair's Rosalee 7521 Wee Gaelic Ms. Fermoy C Red 06/29/1995 Frederick D. Chesterley Eric Chesterley 8
Hiyu Salty Madrigal III 7655 Bedford Oleander C Black 08/03/1995 Carol Davidson Carol Davidson
Hiyu Salty Rambler IV 7654 Hiyu Rosegay B Black 08/12/1995 Carol Davidson Carol Davidson 15
Hiyu Salty Rosegay IV 7656 Bedford Tudor Rose C Black 08/13/1995 Carol Davidson Carol Davidson 1
Llanfair's Puck 7835 Merriah C Black 12/30/1995 Frederick D. Chesterley Rebecca Paradis-Mahan 5
Llanfair's Violet 7861 Anna Belle C Black 03/23/1996 Steve Helkenn 4
Photo Available Llanfair's Finnigan 8221 Wee Gaelic Ms. Fermoy B Red 06/25/1996 Frederick D. Chesterley W.C. Kadatz 52
Shome Zindi 8283 Brome Reach Zoya C Black 07/02/1996 Harry Newbold 4
Shome Blk Esperanza 44 8748 Shome Peni B Black 03/08/1997 Rosemary Fleharty D.L. DeLaney 4
Shome A Nigel 9203 Shome Ashli B Black 03/27/1997 Rosemary Fleharty Randy Andrews 3
Rockin Z Zeus 9099 Wee Gaelic Monaghan B Black 06/16/1997 Tibb Zollatz Richard Wagner
Easter II 13032 Irish Bell C Black 10/17/1997 Dorothy Conway Joseph/Marilin Willaford 2
Shome Royale 10186 Shome Rachael B Black 04/09/1998 Rosemary Fleharty Sheila Boatman 33
Shome Meri 9889 Shome Marsha C Black 04/29/1998 Dean Fleharty Dean Fleharty 3
Photo Available Llanfair's Ms Izzie P 9531 Wee Gaelic Ms. Fermoy C Black 05/22/1998 Frederick D. Chesterley Brian Stockinger 7
Rockin Z Eve 10125 Wee Gaelic Monaghan C Black 12/24/1998 Tibb Zollatz Orise/Kathy Cormier 6
Photo Available HV Platinum Ladybell 9961 Belle Fourche Buttercup C Black 03/01/1999 Evelyn Anderson William Davidson 8
Photo Available HV Saltaire Susie 9962 Belle Fourche Sparklett C Black 03/05/1999 Evelyn Anderson Stefani & Chris Millman 17

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