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26 Animals By Brambledel Redberry Prince
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Brambledel Goldilocks EF22151 C Red 11/28/2001 S Kindred S Kindred
TF's Princess Daphine 15872 Thomas' BLZ Red Mousi C Red 11/21/2004 John Kohut Cynthia Williams 1
Photo Available OTF's Melinda 15994 OTF's Ferdinanda C Black 01/10/2005 Robert and Gale Seddon Robert and Gale Seddon 2
Photo Available SMD Mirach Flaith 016682 SMD Alpha Ceti C Black 04/27/2005 Jeff & Melinda Chambers Jeff & Melinda Chambers 3
Photo Available SMD Anoran Flaith 016680 SMD Mira Ceti B Black 05/01/2005 Jeff & Melinda Chambers Frank/Jaci Rice 4
Block Creek Duchess 016366 Fan-C-Sweetheart C Black 05/12/2005 Mickey Bush Ted & Vicki Anderson 5
Photo Available Block Creek Colleen 016777 Thomas' BLZ Red Senna C Red 08/23/2005 Mickey Bush Ted & Vicki Anderson 4
Photo Available Block Creek Blossom 017294 Thomas' BLZ Red Abbe C Red 03/22/2006 J. Chris Odom Trulane Thompson 5
SMD Morain Flaith 017874 SMD Alpha Ceti C Black 05/06/2006 Jeff & Melinda Chambers Barbara Staroscik 3
Fingerlakes Elan 038675 Fingerlakes Treasa C Black 05/22/2006 Rose Marie Belforti Rose Marie Belforti 2
Tuppenny Prince Rouge 018334 Thomas' BLZ Red Mousi B Red 11/24/2006 Cynthia Williams Cynthia Williams
SMD Jord Flaith 020288 SMD Ceti Navis B Red 07/25/2007 Jeff & Melinda Chambers Sally & Warren Coad 13
Tuppenny Robin 020023 Glenn Land Rae C Red 08/31/2007 Cynthia Williams Business- Live Oak Farm LLC 2
Tuppenny MIC 020059 Thomas' BLZ Red Mousi S Red 12/26/2007 Cynthia Williams Cynthia Williams
Photo Available ESF Royal Red Prince 021651 Boulder Fork Prairie Star B Red 08/09/2008 Ted & Vicki Anderson Dan Butterfield 2
ESF Beef 023684 White-O-Morn Red Diva S Red 09/28/2009 Ted & Vicki Anderson Bailey Burns
Photo Available SMD Reba Flaith 023554 SMD Tau Ceti C Red 05/07/2010 Jeff & Melinda Chambers Jeff & Melinda Chambers 6
ESF Redberry Princess 024646 ESF Missy Lynn C Red 09/06/2010 Ted & Vicki Anderson Ruth Williams 4
InnOfEight's Maven 039675 Tricory Pippilotta Delicatessa C Red 10/15/2015 Tamara Dumont Tamara Dumont 2
SMD Hilda Flaith 043872 SMD Nellie Ferl C Red 04/23/2018 Jeff & Melinda Chambers Jeff & Melinda Chambers
Belle Fourche Red Barry 048634 Belle Fourche Canela B Red 11/18/2018 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 10
SMD Hazel Flaith 046365 SMD Nellie Ferl C Black 04/27/2019 Jeff & Melinda Chambers Jeff & Melinda Chambers
NMF Heidi 048865 SMD Helga Ferl C Black 05/05/2020 Santiago & Renae Lizarraga Mark & John Paulin 1
NMF Helga's Calf B049934 SMD Helga Ferl C 02/22/2022 Santiago & Renae Lizarraga Santiago & Renae Lizarraga
Fingerlakes Mae Belle P202954 Peaceful Acres Josie Unknown 2

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