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14 Animals Matched Your Search Criteria
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Sorted by NameName ADCA# Sire Dam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner
Altenburg's Emma 053404 FF Freedom's Rock On Bernath's Esther C Red 06/25/2022 John & Jeremy Altenburg Mike & Kelsey Pressler
Bean Homestead Leo 054300 Shady Creek 1914 Hans Shady Creek 189 Gwen B Red 04/25/2023 Carl Bean Mike & Kelsey Pressler
Chaneys Mr. President 045535 Chaneys Red Patriot Chaneys Peppermint Patty B Red 09/14/2018 Mark & Kathy Chaney Mike & Kelsey Pressler
Dbl Dutch's June BH 051758 Wieringa's Hugo BE Dbl Dutch's Bunny KO C Red 10/09/2021 Gary & Robin Bleeker Mike & Kelsey Pressler
Haven Creek Farm Jolleen 049690 SGF SBRN Colt SGF SCLM Colleen C Dun 02/28/2021 Chris & Melissa Bannen Mike & Kelsey Pressler
Haven Creek Farm Kristy 051503 SGF SBRN Colt Shamrock Festiva C Dun 04/23/2022 Chris & Melissa Bannen Mike & Kelsey Pressler
J&L Fiona's Shayna 047273 Aislinn's Red Dandy DFF Fiona C Black 05/07/2020 John & Lisa Sabo Mike & Kelsey Pressler
Lipperts Hattie 043191 Lipperts Fergus Red Ridge Haute Couture C Black 09/03/2017 Vaughan Lippert Mike & Kelsey Pressler
Lipperts Jessie 053282 Euchee Creek's Red Amos Lipperts Hattie C Black 04/14/2023 Vaughan Lippert Mike & Kelsey Pressler
MI Sweet B Dr. Quinn 053473 TNF Killian Shamrock Gypsy C Black 05/24/2022 Mike & Kelsey Pressler Mike & Kelsey Pressler
SA Freya 052482 LPFM MA Maverick LPFM MR Riley's Fallon C Dun 05/28/2021 Michael & Ruth Umphrey Mike & Kelsey Pressler
Shamrock Festiva 046058 Morning Star Houdini Shamrock Xyla C Black 05/05/2018 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Mike & Kelsey Pressler
Shamrock Gypsy 047703 Shiloh Hills Myles Shamrock Cinderella C Black 05/18/2019 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Mike & Kelsey Pressler
TNF Killian 045529 SGF SSEA Trapper TNF Cleopatra B Red 05/05/2018 Lorissa LePard Mike & Kelsey Pressler

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