Woodmagic Zygodactil

Woodmagic Zygodactil

ADCA Reg. No:  EF8370
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Black
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  05/07/1967
Breeder:  B.W. Rutherford (#1393)
B.W. Rutherford
Owner:  B.W. Rutherford (#1393)
B.W. Rutherford
Progeny (1)


Woodmagic Zygodactil
Woodmagic Squirrel BlackH
Grinstead Plover BlackH Grinstead Jackdaw BlackH Jambo Kisu BlackH Runnymede Black Prince BlackH
Wellington Destiny BlackH
Marsh Daphne BlackH  
Grinstead Peach Blossom 8th BlackH Banwell Sandy BlackH Runnymede Peachstone BlackH
Unknown Dam BlackH
Grinstead Peach Blossom 6th BlackH  
Woodmagic Merlin Red or DunH Pigeons Barberry BlackH Pigeons Black Bryony BlackH Shillington Samson BlackH
Shillington Dusky BlackH
Elysian Conqueror's Witch BlackH Ickwell Conqueror BlackH
Balksbury Majoram BlackH Raby Skipper BlackH Raby Handy Billy BlackH
Raby Red Sails RedH
Limbury Radiant H  
Exeter Zephyr 2nd Red or DunH
Grinstead Fancy BlackH Castle Morton Fann BlackH Limbury Pennant BlackH Castle Morton Emblem BlackH
Unknown Dam BlackH
Castle Morton Chloris BlackH Unknown Sire BlackH
Unknown Dam BlackH
Grinstead Hawk 62nd BlackH Grinstead Nero BlackH Ashtonhayes Nero BlackH
Grinstead Peach Blossom 3rd BlackH
Grinstead Hawk 43rd BlackH  
Atlantic Zephyr BlackH      
Grinstead Hawk 43rd BlackH    

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