Knotting Courdaju-Sap

Knotting Courdaju-Sap

ADCA Reg. No:  EF12222
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Red
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  10/01/1989
Progeny (1)


Knotting Courdaju-Sap
Statenboro Saprophyte Red or DunH
Canwell Satan BlackH Canwell Buster BlackH Summerdale Tommi BlackH Atlantic Tornado BlackH
Manston Midge BlackH
Summerdale Blossom BlackH Summerdale Hyboy BlackH
Runnymede Blossom BlackH
Prospect Salix BlackH Hunsterson Toss BlackH Atlantic Tornado BlackH
Huish Tara BlackH
Prospect Stylosa BlackH Prospect Septimus BlackH
Pigeons Black Sedge BlackH
Statenboro Convolvulus 8th Red or DunH Shadwell Frederick RedH Shadwell Ginger Red or DunH Weatheroak Briar 2nd BlackH
Pentre Hobyn Julep 4th BlackH
Shadwell Rose Red or DunH Weatheroak Briar 2nd BlackH
Tong Penelope RedH
Statenboro Convolvulus 6th BlackH Raby Bosun BlackH Grinstead Plover BlackH
Tiny BlackH
Statenboro Convolvulus 5th Red or DunH Wenden Bacchus BlackH
Statenboro Convolvulus 3rd BlackH
Knotting Courdajup Red or DunH
Jupiter of Knotting RedH Sarum Bullrush BlackH Sylvan Ebony BlackH Weatheroak Briar 2nd BlackH
Weatheroak Patsy 5th BlackH
Summerdale Bracken RedH Parndon Red Fox RedH
Buckshill Bracken RedH
Daren Jane BlackH Broadhill James BlackH Sylvan Ebony BlackH
Prospect Campanula Red or DunH
Woodmagic Muttonbird BlackH Woodmagic Squirrel BlackH
Woodmagic Mulga Parrot BlackH
Knotting Ladrudale BlackH Sarum Duster Dale RedH Melbry Duster BlackH Parndon Buster Finch BlackH
Parndon Marie Red or DunH
Sarum Brackendale RedH Shadwell Robert Red or DunH
Summerdale Bracken RedH
Knotting Little Ladyrush Red or DunH Sarum Bullrush BlackH Sylvan Ebony BlackH
Summerdale Bracken RedH
Knotting Little Lady BlackH Woodmagic Weasel BlackH

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