Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom

ADCA Reg. No:  EF11063
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Red or Dun
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  05/03/1986
Progeny (1)


Apple Blossom
Saltaire Mastiff Red or DunH
Ypsitty Bridegroom 34th Red or DunH Layer Marney Harold Red or DunH Shadwell Peter BlackH Vycanny Pechetwillet Peter BlackH
Shadwell Helen BlackH
Badby Firebud BlackH Parndon Dragon BlackH
Homestead Rosebud 16th BlackH
Ypsitty Bride BlackH Ypsitty Bridegroom 16th BlackH Ypsitty Bridegroom 10th BlackH
Ypsitty Uppity Red or DunH
Saltaire Michelle Red or DunH Statenboro Mickey Finn Red or DunH Templeton Michaelmas Squeak BlackH Doesmead Camelot Red or DunH
Doesmead Bettsie Red or DunH
Statenboro Convolvulus 10th RedH Shadwell Frederick RedH
Statenboro Convolvulus 5th Red or DunH
Saltaire Princess Red or DunH Wantsley Dapper BlackH Parndon Buster Finch BlackH
Parndon Dorcas BlackH
Saltaire Queenie BlackH Runnymede Bantam BlackH
Summerdale Hawk 4th BlackH
Woodmagic Cuthberts Pepperwort BlackH
Cobthorn Cuthbert Red or DunH Statenboro Saprophyte Red or DunH Canwell Satan BlackH Canwell Buster BlackH
Prospect Salix BlackH
Statenboro Convolvulus 8th Red or DunH Shadwell Frederick RedH
Statenboro Convolvulus 6th BlackH
Cobthorn Little Nippa BlackH Lancarrow Peter Red or DunH Woodmagic Mole BlackH
Woodmagic Shoveller Red or DunH
Teaseldown Pippa BlackH Canwell Buster BlackH
Oakleaf Black Magic BlackH
Woodmagic Pygmy Falcon Red or DunH Woodmagic Mink 2nd BlackH Woodmagic Dormouse DunH Woodmagic Rabbit BlackH
Woodmagic Mudstopper BlackH
Woodmagic Mudstopper BlackH Woodmagic Mole BlackH
Woodmagic Moorhen BlackH
Woodmagic Pallass Warbler BlackH Woodmagic Badger BlackH Woodmagic Squirrel BlackH
Woodmagic Missel Thrush BlackH
Woodmagic Peregrine Red or DunH Woodmagic Mole BlackH
Woodmagic Petrel 2nd BlackH

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