Harron Sally

Harron Sally

ADCA Reg. No:  EF10408
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Red or Dun
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  02/01/1984
Progeny (1)


Harron Sally
Bookhams Robert BlackHA
Shadwell Robert Red or DunH Strebor Provost BlackH Vycanny Grosambers Grosenfant BlackH Elysion Primrose's Conqueror Red or DunH
Vycanny Conquerors Grosamber BlackH
Strebor Primula BlackH Pentre Hobyn Echo BlackH
Doesmead Pinafore BlackH
Strebor Plumblossom RedH Wenden Dubonnet BlackH Wenden Hangover BlackH
Ashtonhayes Dipper 6th BlackH
Strebor Petal RedH Elysian Beatrices King BlackH
Elysian Kings Penelope BlackH
Canwell Daisy BlackH Canwell Buster BlackH Summerdale Tommi BlackH Atlantic Tornado BlackH
Manston Midge BlackH
Summerdale Blossom BlackH Summerdale Hyboy BlackH
Runnymede Blossom BlackH
Prospect Delphinium 2nd BlackH Prospect Diocletian BlackH Jambo Nero BlackH
Jambo Dora 3rd BlackH
Harron Twite Red or DunH
Woodmagic Stoat Red or DunH Woodmagic Dormouse DunH Woodmagic Rabbit BlackH Woodmagic Squirrel BlackH
Woodmagic Missel Thrush BlackH
Woodmagic Mudstopper BlackH Woodmagic Mole BlackH
Woodmagic Moorhen BlackH
Woodmagic Cuckoo 2nd BlackH Woodmagic Squirrel BlackH Grinstead Plover BlackH
Woodmagic Merlin Red or DunH
Harron Siskin Red or DunH Templeton Michaelmas Squeak BlackH Doesmead Camelot Red or DunH Grinstead Nonsuch Red or DunH
Doesmead Camomille Red or DunH
Doesmead Bettsie Red or DunH Doesmead Cambo BlackH
Doesmead Belinda 2nd BlackH

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