Dolly of Cherry Dell

Dolly of Cherry Dell

ADCA Reg. No:  8203
Volume:  XX
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Black
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  04/10/1996
Breeder:  Bob McCarthy (#1005 / 1997)
Cherry Dell Farm
3825 Homestead Road S.
Salem, OR
(000) 399-9079
Owner:  Tembi Buckingham (#1879 / 1999)
Sugar Pine
8069 Coos Bay Wagon Rd
Roseburg, OR
(541) 679-7208
Progeny (1)


Dolly of Cherry Dell
Lane's End Strider BlackH
Fairy Hill Peter Red or DunHA Cranworth Pilliwiggin BlackH Trillium Cluny (2141) BlackHNA Woodmagic Beaver 2nd DunH
Woodmagic Waxwing BlackH
Woodmagic Parula's Warbler 2nd BlackH Woodmagic Squirrel 2nd DunH
Woodmagic Parula's Warbler BlackH
Cranworth Tatiana Red or DunH Luigi Red or DunH Trillium Hector BlackH
Cranworth Linnet BlackH
Cranworth Ruby Red or DunH Trillium Hector BlackH
Woodmagic Zephyr's Dodo 2nd DunH
Lane's End Lavinia BlackH Rafter Dee Finn Bennach BlackHC Shome Victor BlackH Peerless Burnard BlackH
Ozark's Bitsy BlackH
Tam Peerless Clio BlackH Peerless Tornado BlackH
Lazy G Clio BlackH
Geniene of Pisgah BlackH Talisman Ptolemy BlackH Persistant of Bethel BlackH
Peerless Cutie BlackH
Talisman Tallulah BlackH Tam Peerless Fortune BlackH
Hidden Valley Phyllis BlackH
Jill of Fir Knoll BlackH
Lehigh II Von Der Vogelweide BlackH Hector Von Der Vogelweide BlackH Erin Von Der Vogelweide BlackH Parndon Bullfinch BlackH
Hill Munan BlackH
Wisteria of Clove Brook BlackH Mertwis Howard BlackH
Quink of Clove Brook BlackH
Xantippe of Clove Brook BlackH Peerless Ophie BlackH Peerless Perfection II BlackH
Peerless Olene BlackH
Termite of Clove Brook BlackH Parndon Bullfinch BlackH
Lee's Hill Stardust BlackH
Erin of Pisgah BlackH Talisman Ptolemy BlackH Persistant of Bethel BlackH Brady's Run Navigator BlackH
Brady's Run Sharon BlackH
Peerless Cutie BlackH Peerless Winston BlackH
Peerless Valentine BlackH
Charity of Pisgah BlackH Patrick O'Callen BlackH Commander of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH
Peerless Patty BlackH
Drivaline Ebony Candy BlackH Chief of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH
Drivaline Ebony Abby BlackH

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