Bayshore Red Rover

Bayshore Red Rover

ADCA Reg. No:  12787
Volume:  XXVI
Gender:  Bull
Polled:  No
Color: Dun
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  06/15/2001
Breeder:  Frank Baylis (#100)
1625 Mount Olive Road
Toms Brook, VA
Owner:  Frank Baylis (#100)
1625 Mount Olive Road
Toms Brook, VA


Bayshore Red Rover
Stoney Creek Red Clay Red or DunH
PRM Anton's Amos BlackH Anton of Mt. Carmel Red or DunH Oakleaf Benji BlackH Bruno Hill BlackH
Rosette Jed BlackH
Polly O'Callen BlackH Commander of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH
Peerless Patty BlackH
PRM Tinkerbell BlackH Jamie O'Callen BlackH Mertwis Howard BlackH
Malach's Bridget BlackH
Mary of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH Junior of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH
Canary of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH
Piper o'Briar Hill BlackH Cranworth Pilgrim Red or DunH Trillium Cluny (2141) BlackHNA Woodmagic Beaver 2nd DunH
Woodmagic Waxwing BlackH
Cranworth Jemima BlackH Lockwood King Billy BlackH
Woodmagic Muscovy 4th BlackH
Heather o'Briar Hill BlackH Danny O'Callen BlackH Commander of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav BlackH
Betsy Lake BlackH
Bridget o'Briar Hill BlackH Bobby O'Callen BlackH
Black Watch Gio BlackH
Bayshore Daffodil BlackH
Pasha of Clove Brook Red or DunH Wallace's Buddy BlackH Kevin o'Briar Hill BlackH Brian o'Briar Hill BlackH
Trillium Ceilidh BlackH
Wallace's Maura BlackH Colorado Brian BlackH
Beving's Leta BlackH
Jewel of Clove Brook BlackH Peerless Hawkeye BlackH Bruno Hill BlackH
Peerless Alice BlackH
Fram BlackH Yom Kippur of Clove Brook BlackH
South Hollow Farm Bonnie BlackH
Black Satin Lizzie BlackH Midnight of Circle L Farm BlackH Last Hurrah Adam BlackH Shady Nook's Dubar BlackH
Alander Patlee BlackH
Last Hurrah Angel BlackH Shady Nook's Dubar BlackH
Drivaline Ebony Gert BlackH
Misty of Circle L Farm BlackH Brave Jim of Waverly BlackH Little Yorick of Waverly BlackH
Bonnie Tulip of Waverly BlackH
Windswept Acre Molly BlackH Chestnut Hill's Half-Pint BlackH
Chestnut Hill's Bright Star BlackH

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