AA Dun WH Dun Friskin'

AA Dun WH Dun Friskin'

ADCA Reg. No:  049941
Volume:  XLIV
Gender:  Bull
Polled:  Yes
Color: Dun
Chondrodysplasia:  Non-carrier
PHA:  Non-carrier
Parentage DNA:  Sire Qualifies
Lab: UCD NC64277
Date of Birth:  08/27/2019
Breeder:  Ron & Shirley Adams (#8389 / 2023)
Adams Acres
4390 E Hwy 316
Citra, FL
(352) 595-3632
Owner:  David & Margaret Barton (#11275 / 2024)
Welsh Hill Farm
13798 NE 150th Ave
Fort McCoy, FL
(239) 745-6127
Progeny (2)


AA Dun WH Dun Friskin'
FF AA Rayz O' Sun RedPCA
Aislinn's Red Dandy RedPNA Legend Red Mace RedPNA Tama Titanium RedPNA Llanfair's Cinnabar RedPNA
Llanfair's Fiona BlackPNA
Legend Red Mariah RedPNA Tama Titanium RedPNA
Legend Red Mona RedHNA
Windfall's Ailis BlackPNA RdoubleD Rebel Rambler BlackPNA Hiyu Rambler II BlackHA
Esmeralda BlackPA
J L Ryan's Aisling BlackHNA Llanfair's Ryan RedHNA
SGF Aisling BlackH
FF Sun-Kissed Sue RedPCA Chaneys Titan RedPNA Legend Red Flint RedPNA Tama Titanium RedPNA
Legend Red Fortune RedPNA
Bar None's UR Staci RedPNA Winestock Rufous RedPNA
Adanal's Red Splenda RedHCA
Windy Hills Aingeal BlackPCA White-O-Morn Cadence RedPCA Glenn Land Mr. Redfire RedPNA
White-O-Morn Treasure RedH
Windy Hills Katilynn BlackHCA Woodland Apolla DunH
Rafter Dee Manualita BlackHN
FF Dun Playin' DunPNA
Timberview Freedom RedPCA Windy Hills Rapscalion RedPA White-O-Morn Cadence RedPCA Glenn Land Mr. Redfire RedPNA
White-O-Morn Treasure RedH
Mud Valley Red Holly RedHNA Glenn Land Mr. Mac BlackPN
Gamble Red Shortcake RedHNA
Timberview Sadi BlackHA Tama Copper RedHNA Llanfair's Cinnabar RedPNA
Llanfair's Toggi RedHN
Twainland Sunset BlackHCA Rainbow Hills Bo BlackH
Twainland Cauline BlackH
WWW Xena BlackPNA WWW Wright's Samson DunPN Glenn Land Mr. McRed RedPNA Llanfair's Polgaron BlackPNA
Glenn Land Maple Red or DunH
Boulder Fork Octavia DunH Rainbow Hills Goliath Red or DunHN
Jasmine of Green Valley BlackH
Boulder Fork O'Easter BlackHN Linus of Green Valley BlackH Jack Frost of Green Valley Red or DunH
Jasmine of Green Valley BlackH
Joy of Green Valley BlackH Bitterroot Charlie BlackH
Emily of Green Valley DunH

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