Dreamcatcher Rosean

Dreamcatcher Rosean

ADCA Reg. No:  042289
Volume:  XL
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  Yes
Color: Black
Chondrodysplasia:  Non-carrier
PHA:  Non-carrier
Parentage DNA:  Sire and Dam Qualify
Lab: TAMU 101869
Date of Birth:  03/15/2017
Breeder:  Paul Nettinga (#7112 / 2011)
Dreamcatcher Place
11844 Pleasant Valley Rd
Custer, SD
(605) 673-5097
Owner:  Larry Miles (#13267 / 2021)
18137 East Mansfield Ave
Aurora, CO
(303) 241-9875
Progeny (2)


Dreamcatcher Rosean
High Pines Cash DunPNA
SMD Moon Ballan DunHNA SMD Ballan Navis BlackHNA Lucifer of Knotting RedHA Jupiter of Knotting RedH
Knotting Ladyrudale 2nd BlackH
SMD Ang Risagh BlackHNA Riverhill Saturn's Galaxy BlackHNA
SMD Mira Ceti DunHNA
SMD Kitt Certus BlackHNA Breoch Sultan BlackHA Apple Joe BlackH
Harron Sunbeam BlackH
SMD Mirach Flaith BlackHA Brambledel Redberry Prince RedHA
SMD Alpha Ceti DunHNA
CFK Pretty Patsy DunPNA High Pines Patrick BlackPNA Glenn Land Mr. Toney BlackPNA Glenn Land Mr. Redfire RedPNA
Zediker Garnet BlackH
Hannahs Iris Polly DunHNA Hillside Lantana DunH
Hannahs Iris Lacey DunHNA
JRH Little Miss Dash BlackHNA SMD Anoran Flaith BlackHA Brambledel Redberry Prince RedHA
SMD Mira Ceti DunHNA
Rainbow Hills Black Lady BlackHA Rainbow Hills Anton Gold Red or DunH
Parkridge Jan BlackH
High Pines Pandy BlackPNA
High Pines Bill BlackPNA William of Hoth BlackH Haze Sir William Cody Red or DunH Sir William BlackH
Emerald Grace BlackH
Hilltop Juliette BlackH Emerald Daniel BlackH
Twainland Julie BlackH
Dale Reha +U- BlackPN Red Fern Kieran BlackP Sir Snowbird #19 Red or DunH
Kathleen BlackP
Maggie Parks BlackH Sir Snowbird El Nino Red or DunH
Katrina of Morgan Ridge BlackH
Hannahs Iris Polly DunHNA Hillside Lantana DunH Hillside Inkberry BlackH Riverhill Saturn's Galaxy BlackHNA
Hillside Espiscia BlackH
Hillside Camellia BlackH Hiyu Robert P Bevan BlackH
Cranworth Nosey BlackH
Hannahs Iris Lacey DunHNA Hannah's Sams Frazer Red or DunH Three F's Sam Red or DunH
Dale Hannah's Marylee Red or DunH
Hannah's June Iris Red or DunH Dale Bubba Red or DunH
Thomas' Prides June Bug BlackH

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