Calli's Lucy Lou

Calli's Lucy Lou

ADCA Reg. No:  039343
Volume:  XXXIX
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  Yes
Color: Red
Chondrodysplasia:  Non-carrier
PHA:  Non-carrier
Parentage DNA:  Sire and Dam Qualify
Date of Birth:  03/03/2015
Breeder:  Calli Klein (#8859 / 2016)
Calli's Cattle Company
PO Box 6
Jay Em, WY
(307) 575-8066
Owner:  Koedi Lawley (#13827 / 2022)
26658 County Road 74
Eaton, CO
(970) 302-2698
Progeny (3)


Calli's Lucy Lou
PRF Hondo Lane RedPNA
Llanfair's Cinnabar RedPNA Saltaire Platinum (2708) BlackPNA Migh Poldark BlackP Westfield Merlin BlackH
Godstone Esmeralda BlackP
Saltaire Pedrilla BlackH St Arvans Gypsy Pedro BlackH
Saltaire Princess Diana BlackH
Llanfair's Rosalee RedP Saltaire Platinum (2708) BlackPNA Migh Poldark BlackP
Saltaire Pedrilla BlackH
Wee Gaelic Ms. Fermoy RedHNA Ebony of Myers Farm BlackH
Wee Gaelic Ms. Eire BlackH
Lightning Bug Luna BlackPNA SF Re-Poll RedPNA Llanfair's Mulligan RedPNA Cornahir Outlaw RedHNA
Llanfair's Rosalee RedP
SF Jammie RedPNA Llanfair's Mulligan RedPNA
SF Gwen 13 BlackHNA
Foxborough's Emma BlackPN Dixie President DunPN Hillview Cedric SS15 BlackPN
Miss Snowbird #32 Red or DunH
Grasslick Mary BlackHNA Grasslick Bobby BlackH
Peaceful Place Joyce BlackH
Moosters Salsa RedPNA
Moosters Yamaha RedHNA Gladhour Taylor DunHNA Gladhour Night BlackHNA Circle H's Jordan BlackPNA
Sturdevant's JilLight Red or DunHCA
Rainbow Hills Halo Red or DunHNA Beerex's Red Baron Brian Red or DunH
Shoo Fly Margret Red or DunH
CJS Resta BlackHNA Thomas' BLZ Red Yanke RedHNA Briarwood Blaze O'Glory RedHNA
Thomas' FB Red Laydee RedHNA
Heislers Donati Babe BlackHA Rainbow Hills Donati Red or DunH
Habi Jill BlackH
Kassahn's Yzannoma BlackPNA Gladhour Winchester DunPNA Gladhour Roland P DunPNA Gladhour Lenny P BlackPNA
Rainbow Hills Halo Red or DunHNA
Gladhour Penney BlackHNA Circle H's Jordan BlackPNA
Rainbow Hills Henna Red or DunHNA
CJS Wish BlackHNA CJS Rascally Mike BlackHNA Bnb FB Red Rascal RedHN
Lazy EA Brandee BlackH
CJS Totie RedHNA Thomas' BLZ Red Yanke RedHNA
Stuarts RY Red Fawn RedHNA

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N = Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier, C = Chondrodysplasia Carrier
A = PHA Non-carrier, B = PHA Carrier
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